Where it all started

Born out of skepticism and uncertainty in 2018, CanBe has risen like a metaphorical Phoenix from the ashes that once was the founder's doubts.

Take back control of your life. CanBe's CBD oils will allow you to finally go back to living life how YOU want to, no strings attached. 

Revolutionising lifestyle & health choices through the power of CBD.

CanBe concentrates on making you, in the quest for a better you, feel uplifted, motivated, and content throughout your CBD journey whether you are brand new and just starting out or coming back for more and just want to try something new. CanBe's full spectrum & broad spectrum CBD oils are extremely simple to use & even easier to correctly dose.

"I have noticed the benefits almost instantly"

  • Simplicity is Key

    CBD, carrier oil and terpenes is all you need so it's all we provide

  • Rapid Results

    Under the tongue absorbtion for faster results than any edibles

  • THC free

    Experience pain relief and relaxation without the mind altering affects