CBD Muscle Balm

A warming hug in a CBD infused balm. It is a great way to deliver our award-winning CBD extract deep into your muscles and joints. This naturally fast-absorbing formulation ensures you get a targeted CBD delivery to exactly where it’s needed most.

The easy-to-apply CBD Muscle & Joint Balm contains 800mg of our highest quality CBD in every 50ml bottle only giving you the best cannabidiols for your topical needs.

"Thanks for the new elbow guys"

  • Soothes Pain

    "This balm seems to melt away my pain as the heat kicks in"

  • Reduces Swelling

    "Took the swelling down like you wouldn't believe"

  • Injury Recovery Help

    "It soothes the ache no end"

"I can't even stress how much this has helped since I started using it"

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